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From Houston to Nacogdoches

G'day, I am Zach. I'm a junior from Langham Creek High School in the suburbs of Houston. Right now I am looking at colleges, because I'm a junior and that's what juniors do. At my school I am an Officer for the Theatre Department, I'm extremely active, and love the dramatic arts to death. As you may have concluded, I am interested in pursing a major in theatre. For the past two years, I have gone to SFA for the UIL Critique, and I have seen a performance there each year. Last year I saw Harvey and this year our group saw The Night of the Iguana. Both were spectacular productions. They definitely peaked my interest in attending S.F.A. for theatre.

Otherwise, here comes a few questions.

1) All of my friends are most likely going to UT or somewhere close to Austin, and though I'd like to go there, I'd much rather get an education at a smaller school. So, basically, I am going to meet new people and form new friendships. What are the people like there? At SFA and Nacogdoches in general.

2) Finally, (I think), what is there to do in Nacodoches? In the two times I've been there I haven't seen much of the town. Just been to a hotel, the Theatre Department, and Chili's. That's virtually it. I'm guessing there won't be any nifty stores like in Austin.

Thanks for the help.


ps: and being a lumberjack would just be ridiculously amazing
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