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From Houston to Nacogdoches

G'day, I am Zach. I'm a junior from Langham Creek High School in the suburbs of Houston. Right now I am looking at colleges, because I'm a junior and that's what juniors do. At my school I am an Officer for the Theatre Department, I'm extremely active, and love the dramatic arts to death. As you may have concluded, I am interested in pursing a major in theatre. For the past two years, I have gone to SFA for the UIL Critique, and I have seen a performance there each year. Last year I saw Harvey and this year our group saw The Night of the Iguana. Both were spectacular productions. They definitely peaked my interest in attending S.F.A. for theatre.

Otherwise, here comes a few questions.

1) All of my friends are most likely going to UT or somewhere close to Austin, and though I'd like to go there, I'd much rather get an education at a smaller school. So, basically, I am going to meet new people and form new friendships. What are the people like there? At SFA and Nacogdoches in general.

2) Finally, (I think), what is there to do in Nacodoches? In the two times I've been there I haven't seen much of the town. Just been to a hotel, the Theatre Department, and Chili's. That's virtually it. I'm guessing there won't be any nifty stores like in Austin.

Thanks for the help.


ps: and being a lumberjack would just be ridiculously amazing
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Hi, Zach.
I'm a junior/senior in the theatre department here at SFA... I worked the UIL OAP clinic this year too... SFA is definately an awesome theatre school... while you can go to schools like U of H or UT for theatre, honestly it's not the best idea because, since they have HUGE graduate programs, your chance of getting to do anything... I mean ANYTHING... is little to none. SFA is awesome for undergrad work in theatre because there is no grad program, so you get to do oodles of production work. Last semester I did crew work for both mainstages and stage managed one of the student productions in the downstage, and this semester I SM'd a downstage and am doing hang/focus for the Opera.
The people in the department are great... though I will warn you that chances are you won't get the time or energy to know TOO many people outside the department. That said, though, they're all really good folks. Crazy sometimes, but that's theatre people for ya. Theme parties (the "Howdy Party," "Playaz Ball," etc) are pretty big up here and are fun even if you're new to the department.
There really isn't all that much to do in Nac... I'm from Baytown (SE of Houston) so it's kind of a bummer... I miss sushi! But really there isn't much time to do all that much anyway. There's walmart, there's hastings, and if you want to drive there's Lufkin... but IMO, whatever boredom is inherent in the town is WAY more than compensated for in the quality of the department. And the proffs are awesome.
PS- you might want to check out sfa_theatre
Sweet. Thanks very much. I definitely agree about the UofH/UT thing. Way too big of schools for my tastes. And I totally don't mind making friends with just theatre people. As long as I get to meet people with similar interests, I'm doing fine.

You may/may not have saw me in the clinic, I was Bottom/Demetrius in Midsummer. The one where everyone didn't know their lines. And I felt pretty ridiculous.

Man, did I feel ridiculous.

But, yeh, I am for sure going to join the community.

My name is Amy Foster, and I am a graduate of SFA AND of Langham Creek High School! (You should tell Coach and Fullen I say hi!)

-I loved going to SFA. Sara is right about UT- they have multiple MFA, MA and PhD programs which mean 1) Undergraduates have very few assistant directing opportunities, let alone directing. 2) You are going to be in a lot of classes taught by grad students.

-SFA gives you a very practical broad theatrical education and the number of practical experience opportunities is amazing.

-As for meeting people, well, you will. You'll be in classes with them, and working on shows with them, and going to parties with them. You will make friends and you will make acquaintances, and sometimes you'll escape Nacogdoches to go visit your friends in Austin and that'll be fun, but you'll want to take your college friends with you- and I'm sure you'll make plenty.

-What's there to do in Nacogdoches? Theatre. *chuckle* Seriously there are some bars, and a small movie theatre, it's nothing after Houston really. But you'll find yourself coming up with ways to be entertained. And sometimes you'll be bored and you'll drive four hours to see a show in dallas. I don't think it really takes that long. Dallas and Houston really aren't too far, and school will keep you pretty busy, especially as you become more involved in the large variety of shows that you can work on. (Mainstages, Downstages, Studio Hours, etc. etc.)

-Finally- definitely check out sfa_theatre. Check out what the graduates are doing. There are lots of graduates doing theatre. You have students purusing MFAs, students pursuing MAs, students working professional theatre, students teaching, happy students, sad students..... but mostly LOTS of students who stay in touch with each other.

-Okay well I guess that was a lot of info. Tell Coach and Fullen hi for me. I don't know if you guys still call Bradford coach, when I went there she had just stopped coaching women's softball. I think my names on one of those little plaques in there somewhere...... but then again, maybe not!

Have fun and good luck making a choice.
Ah, you must be David Foster's sister. Yeh, we still call Bradford Coach. I'll definitely tell them you said Hi. We seem to be missing some of those plaques... I think they're in Fullen's office. I saw the playwright on in there, at least.
I recently left the SFA theatre department and moved to Houston. My email is Odiddley@gmail.com & drop me a line. I can give you every piece of advice you would ever need. There is barely a single theatre major of the last six years who DON'T know who I am.

PS- my advice is NOT very expensive (re: your icon)