I'm an "academic mess." (drawn2therhythm) wrote in sfasu,
I'm an "academic mess."


Does anyone know anything about the Pre-Veterinary Medicine program at SFASU?
Also, coming from Los Angeles, how would adapting to life and the weather in Nacogdoches be? Any advice or info I should know? Thanks
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here's a solution to both the weather and life part. drink. a lot. boredom will eventually drive you to that.
I'm in a Pre-Vet program elsewhere right now, but with my experience in the first Zoology, Botany, & especially Chem classes they're weed out classes, so prepare. Honestly their Chem covered in two weeks what I learned in my whole high school experience :P
Oh, also joining vets2be is worth it for a broad perspective. It also highlights what you will need to be a good candidate for further schooling.
Nacogdoches is way cheaper than LA... or any location really.
From LA? The weather is likely to be a lot more rainy in the winter/spring than you're used to. If you don't like doing anything for your PhysEd, take an outdoor activity like Tennis in the Spring semester. Class will be cancelled up to 50% of the time due to rain ;)...

It will freeze a little in the winter, but not much. If not living on-campus, be careful of flash flood zones. There are two creeks in town, and some apartments are stupidly built right on the banks.

Life in Nac is okay if you don't need a lot of off-campus social activity. There are a couple of clubs in town, but IMHO they're rather plebian. There are some nice places to eat, a small theatre that's always behind on the best movies, and a very tiny mall. Serious shopping will happen 30 miles away in Lufkin, 60 miles away in Tyler, or 100 miles away in Houston.

Any questions?
Also to add on to the weather...

Humidity sucks big time... its nothing like LA's type of heat.

Consider yourself warned.