nahms o. (tokyo_tokyo) wrote in sfasu,
nahms o.

a plea

hello all!

i have a request to ask of all the fine members of this community:

i would like to bring a friend here to sfa for a brief visit but do not have the means to retrieve her,  i.e. a car. i would like to know if anybody would happen to be going to houston this weekend   (nov. 18-20). i know, its the weekend before thanksgiving break and most wont be able to find a reason to make the trip but this is the only time in which my friend can visit the campus.

whats in it for you??!!

(1) half to 3/4th of your gas cost covered!!

(2) witty and insightful conversation!!! (if so desired)

(3) a new boat!!!

okay, that last one i cant promise, but the first two are guaranteed.

for whatever i reason i feel the urge to leave a picture with this post/request. if you see me around campus feel free to stop me with any info. I'll be the black chick with the bull ring in her nose. (minus all that hair).

thanks in advanced lumberjacks.

Naeemah O.

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